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Adventures in Heroism
The Curriculum Guides

The Heroism Project curriuclum takes students on a journey, where they discover themselves as storytellers, artists and/or writers. Building on their interests, talents and strengths, they produce their own heroes curricula through murals, comic books, quilts, drama, music, dance, poetry, rap, photography, dioramas, board games or other choices.

To facilitate and encourage use of materials by teachers, the program focuses on heroism in the context of existing state standards and content requirements for Language Arts, English, History and Art. It is designed to supplement or supplant existing curriculum in classrooms and after-school programs.

Educational Goals

  • Inspire each student to apply the accumulated knowledge of heroism to their own lives by recognizing, claiming, and acting upon the hero within.
  • Develop a student-centered curriculum with activities, assignments, and projects that will help students reflect, discuss, and expand on their definitions of heroism.
  • Guide students through levels of reasoning, decision-making and action.
  • Provide students with multicultural and gender-balanced experiences, so they see themselves mirrored in stories of heroes past and present, as well as learn about heroes who are different from them.
  • Address issues related to character, ethics, risk, values clarification and decision making

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